Community Feedback

Eight months ago, I wondered how I would make it through the year both mentally and physically. Now I can’t believe how good I’m feeling, and I give all my thanks to Dr. Paula Barros’ Breema Healing treatments.

I first came to Dr. Barros for urgent chiropractic treatment after fracturing and dislocating a couple of ribs. I was also experiencing constant nausea caused by a spinal chord injury from 20 years ago, chronic digestive issues and stress from caring for my ailing father.

But after receiving Breema treatments from Dr. Paula, everything changed.

Although it is hard to explain Breema and what to expect from a treatment, it is not difficult to explain the profound effect it will have on your entire wellbeing.

Breema feels like someone doing yoga to you and for you. The only effort required from you is to focus on yourself, your breathing, your energy and being present and available for the treatment.

In under an hour I can go from a total meltdown to calm, peaceful and happy.

No one in 21 years has been able to give me any relief from my debilitating aliments, or even understand why it was happening or how to treat it. But now thanks to Breema, I don’t feel sick 24 hours a day.

Dr. Barros is truly a great healer and we are quite fortunate to have her in our community.” ~ Lisa Sato

One of Paula’s students reflects on the value of Yoga: “I think yoga has helped me have a better attitude. Since I’ve started practicing yoga I feel happier. I’ve been getting along better with my family and I really do think it’s because of yoga! Yoga has helped me become more open minded and able to let go of the stupid little things that make me mad. I feel able to just be able to forgive and forget even though it’s hard for me. I really do think this is thanks to yoga!” ~ J.A., Yoga Student

A new student of Paula’s shares the value of YOGA in his life as an athlete: “I have always been strong, but I don’t think my stabilizing muscles have ever been as strong as they are now a month into yoga. I knew that flexibility was a factor in wrestling, but until now I had underestimated its value. The ability to yield to stronger opponents is invaluable and when you can yield further it is harder to stop you. I am excited about yoga and curious about what will become of my new body. Thank you Yoga!” ~L.W., Yoga Student

One of Paula’s YOGA students reflects on the value of meditation: “Meditation is a big part of Yoga. I have never done this before, and I love it! The peace and quiet you get from it is so soothing and relaxing. I like the fact that it takes my mind away from all the drama that I deal with on a daily basis. If I can get my mind to stay focused for a period of time meditation will be the key to me getting rid of stress I believe. It takes dedication and determination to meditate. I have to allow my mind to just shut everything out and focus on the silence. It is very calm. It just makes the whole day so enlightening and happy. This class is the one I want to see before I even start my day because of the peace it brings to me.

One of Paula’s students reflects on how Yoga has influenced her life: “The overall result of today’s session is my increased self-confidence and belief in my own inner strength and power. When it comes to our daily lives, it all comes to balancing between a career and a family, doing something that we love and doing something just because we have to get it done. So afterall, it all comes to Balanc…e. The tree, Vrksasana, is still my favorite pose although I’ve not practiced it for so many years until today. For me, this pose is the expression of grace, strength, and balance. It does make me feel in more control of my life as well as in control of my body. Today I’ve also noticed that I got more flexible overall. My focus has also improved greatly; being in the present moment is much easier for me now.”

A beginning YOGA student finds out how one of Paula’s classes can impact her life: “I feel energized after attending yoga… It is crazy because I never thought a person could sweat so much from doing yoga. I am amazed at all the different things that yoga can do for me as an individual. I love how yoga makes my body feel alive and my blood flows better, too. I feel that yoga can benefit me and my back problem in a positive way. Through continued practice of yoga I think it could make my back stronger. I personally feel that yoga can change my life if I continue to practice it on a regular basis. I already see positive results just since I started this yoga class.   ~B.K., Yoga Student

My emotions seem to be much calmer on days that I do yoga. Yoga class was great. I had a nice light workout and the meditation really relaxed me. This relaxation really seems like is brings my stress level down on a daily basis. This is definitely a good thing for me. The tension I’ve had in my neck and shoulders for years seems to be fading. I really hope I learn enough about yoga by the end of my class so I can keep on doing yoga throughout my future. In the small amount of time I’ve been in class I can really see the difference yoga has made in my daily life. So awesome!”   ~C.M. Yoga Student

I love this class! It’s very relaxing and does help me to relieve stress and to just live in the moment. A positive attitude is also something that I’ve noticed Yoga helps to improve. This class just makes you have a brighter outlook on things. It gives you a positive start to the day. All of the things that I thought I was worried about have now turned into something small that can be brushed away. I’ve learned to not worry so much about the future and to know that it will work itself out. Yoga helps me to feel refreshed. I walk in the door a little drowsy, but as soon as I walk out I’m in a great mood and ready for whatever the day has to bring. The way that we are able to stretch our bodies in class is amazing. My whole body feels awake and alive. Yoga is about the mind, body, and spirit; well, I just explained how my body and mind feel alive, but it also helps me to appreciate life and be thankful to God, which is the connectivity with my spirit. Mind, body, and spirit all connected and all at peace. It is a great, irreplaceable feeling. I cannot explain how much I enjoy this class. I want to continue to have Yoga and its practice in my life. It helps me in so many different ways. Thank you for giving me a great experience, Professor!”   ~ H.R., Yoga Student

I do wish for you to know that you have helped me tremendously with Yoga and the mindset requires for the true practice..Thank You… If I am in your area and have the ability I will be in your studio… I wont forget the teachings you passed on to me and will miss being a part of your student base…

Thank you again ~ DR 2011

When I first met Paula in her yoga studio a couple of years ago, I knew immediately that I wanted to participate in her in her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program, Align With the Divine. In my initial session with her, I sensed in Paula a passion for the practice of Yoga, an integrity and enthusiasm in her presentation, and a very heartfelt presence that brought a depth and grace to the practice.

From the very beginning, the teacher training program surpassed any and all expectations I might have had, as Paula consistently provided a comprehensive curriculum, expert guidance, and warm, genuine enthusiasm for each participant’s growth in his/her Yoga practice. Her teaching style is personal and professional, combining the qualities of intelligence, humor, and grace. In her compassion for her students, Paula compels each to find his/her own unique blend of gifts to bring to the mat, to the practice, and to daily life. Her keen perception, deep empathy, and clear guidance to each individual provide the sense of safety necessary for her students to engage in a maturing practice with courage and confidence.

As my Align With the Divine teacher training program comes to a close, I will continue to consider Paula my teacher. She has been an incredible influence not only on my Yoga practice and my understanding for the depth of its teachings, but she has also has inspired me greatly in how to live my life with deeper grace, courage, and integrity. This process provided so much more than I could have dreamed of, and this is absolutely related to the love, kindness, and expertise that Paula brings to her wise teachings. ~ Rosann Lampkin
June, 2011

Dr. Paula Barros is a nurturing and patient teacher who has inspired me to explore my world and myself through Yoga. She has taught me the importance of having a physical,emotional,and spiritual balance in my life, Paula has continually challenged and supported me in this journey of self discovery. Paula does a wonderful job of creating a compassionate atmosphere within which to explore the practice of yoga. ~ Jamie N

For me the most amazing thing about practicing w/Paula is her teaching touch. She has an intuitive & practiced sense allowing her to make an adjustment to my asana w/the most subtle touch of one finger that teaches my body exactly what it needs to be moved to create alignment. It’s quite a magical experience. ~ Tracy Smith

Paula is an inspirational yoga instructor. She combines a deep spiritual practice with a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom of the body and yoga asanas and the result is poetry. I have been transformed by her teaching and look forward to every class. ~ Mary Waldner
Founder, Mary’s Gone Crackers

“Paula – I really have enjoyed your yoga course this semester. Its helped limber me up and healthen me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I’m even able to run again without knee pain. Also my back pain that had plagued my daily life is nearly completely gone! I hope to continue practicing on my own after this class and maintain this great health that yoga has brought me. Thanks for the great class” ~ Sincerely B.M.

“Thank you for being such an awesome teacher! I hope to be as calm and kind as you are one day 🙂 ” ~ Happy Holidays. D.L.

Poem to Dr. Paula Barros, D.C., E-RYT

Doctor of Chiropractic
Mother of Chester
Yogi, teacher, healer

For your steady wisdom
Your patient instruction
Thank you.
For your healing touch
And inspiring words,
for your belief in us
Before we believed in ourselves
Thank you.

For opening windows and doors
To vistas we never knew were there
Encouraging us to breathe
All that lovely cool fresh air
Thank you.

Every morning
Before the day begins
You recreate yourself
Inviting us
Your patients, students, friends
To join the joyous journey.
Our hearts leap.