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Get to Know the Amazing Amazon Herb Products:


  • Promotes calmness
  • Helps balance hormones
  • Helps ease PMS symptoms
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and mood swings
  • Supports women’s health

LunazonTM is a tonic that assists the female body’s natural ability to restore harmony. In traditional cultures the female hormonal cycle is associated with Lunar cycles. Healthcare practitioners report that many women may experience levels of emotional or physical imbalances during these monthly hormonal changes.

This ancient formula has been used for ages to support women’s health. It helps to alleviate PMS symptoms such as low energy, irritability and mood swings. It can be used daily to promote healthy hormonal cycles.

LunazonTM contains Suma, Mulungu, Passion Flower and Abuta. For centuries, South American natives have used Abuta to address female health issues. LunazonTM is available at: Amazon Herbs (www.amazonherb.net). Use Dr. Paula’s ID #118883 to place order.


  • A complete formula for whole body health
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Assists detoxification
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Promotes calmness
  • Increases circulation
  • Aids digestion and elimination

IlluminationTM is our flagship product and biggest seller. With its blend of over 30 of the Rainforest’s most valued botanical treasures, it is the ultimate phyto- nutritional formula from the highest concentration of life energy on the planet.

IlluminationTM provides a sustained and ongoing wealth of beneficial plant nutrients synergistically combined in spagyric, whole-herb extracts. Using it as a daily tonic feeds your body essential nutrition unavailable in today’s diet.

Many of the individual herbs in IlluminationTM such as Pau d’Arco, Chuchuhuasi, Boldo, Fucus, and Sangre de Drago are already known for their remarkable properties. It is a formula that can help energize, cleanse, detoxify, strengthen and revitalize while feeding virtually every organ and system of the body.

Experience the difference rainforest phyto-nutrients can make in your life with a morning and afternoon serving of IlluminationTM available at: Amazon Herbs (www.amazonherb.net). Use Dr. Paula’s ID #118883 to place order.

Anti-Aging breakthroughs

Many new and amazing breakthroughs in Anti-aging and Immune Modulation are coming to us from biotech research. Here is what people say:

  • “Natural health practitioner sees reduction in heavy metal toxicity”
  • “HGH spray helps chiropractor find relief for chronic arthritic pain”
  • “Body builder trains with improved workouts and stamina”
  • “Five-time world champion fighter finds joint pain relief in HGH spray”
  • “M.D. sees wonderful health benefits with HGH, recommends to patients”
  • “Sinusitis, Epstein-Barr and Chronic Fatigue resolved with immune modulator”

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