Yoga Therapy

Dr. Paula will assist you in making a graceful re-entry into normal life activities. One’s healing is best attained in a safe and sacred space where personal concerns can be heard and addressed. Dr. Paula allows conscious healing to progress at your own pace and understanding.

Individual attention to your needs in the yoga practice.

  • need to recover from a long and aggravating injury?
  • simply want to know more about caring for your own back?
  • need a “follow up” therapy outline that’s simple and clear…after surgery or physical therapy?
  • don’t want to have to use the gym for rehab!?..stay in the comfort of your home

This is a one hour session with Dr. Paula Barros, D.C., E-RYT Private Yoga therapy involves personal attention to specific alignment principles to assist healing of injury, physical limitation, postural improvement, breath awareness.

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Yoga Therapy Sessions may include:

  • Assessment to include biomechanical structure and postural habits.
  • Modification of asanas and pranayama practices to design and establish a personal
  • YOGA practice tailored to your needs.
  • Education to enhance personal understanding of yoga principles to avoid creating and aggravating injuries.
  • Preparation for beginning level students to participate in a safe practice when attending public classes.